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Tau Cross

by Tau Cross

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TAU CROSS is a punk/metal group of the highest order. Fronted by Rob "The Baron" Miller, vocalist and bassist of the hugely influential UK metallic-punk band Amebix, and rounded out by a band that features Away from VOIVOD on drums as well as members of cult crust outfit Misery, TAU CROSS is the natural evolution of Miller's work in Amebix. Tribal rhythms, searing guitars and Miller's huge booming voice all set to an apocalyptic atmosphere to create an instant classic that will satisfy the crustiest punks and the blackest metallers.


released May 19, 2015

Relapse Records 2015


all rights reserved



Tau Cross UK

TAU CROSS is a veteran punk / metal collective revolving around Amebix bassist / frontman Rob Miller, Voivod drummer Michel ‘Away’ Langevin, and members of cult crust outfit Misery and War//Plague. TAU CROSS presents a unique musical approach ranging from dark folk witchery to industrial punk metal brutalism. ... more

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Track Name: Lazarus
I am standing like a sundial, casting shadows on the late September grain
A scarecrow crucifixion hanging lifeless for nobody to explain
I was born of the Eclipse within the darkness of the equinoctial storm

The seasons turned unrecognized around me as the stars fell from the skies
I was smothered by the winding cloth of suffocating, superstitious lies
I was buried far beneath the frozen earth, dead and forgotten to the World
Yet still I dream...

You shall not bind me with these lies, I am alive, I am alive
Out of the grave I shall arise, I am alive!

I shall live beneath the Mountains, draw my water from the older deeper Well
I shall learn the tongue of Angels, forge the key to free the rusted gates of Hell
I shall walk into the sea from whence I came, to where I shall return.
...So are the risen, among the living.
Track Name: Fire in the Sky
Oh Doctor Dee please tell me, in this world of fascination
Of hidden sigils and the name we dare not speak aloud
The visitors you brought to us through arts of conjuration
Who came and left as if within a ‘fiery cloud’

There’s a fire in the sky, as I awake the veil is falling
There’s a fire in the sky, I hear the elder voices calling

They say through Amalantrah the gateway was re-opened
But we heard stories stemming from Ezekiel
The call to Babalon awoke the name so long unspoken
Through invocation, calling down into the Well

I walked into the Desert night, into the silent places
My mind on fire, unholy visions in my head
I heard a voice within the fabric of the empty spaces
Wheels within wheels.
Track Name: Stonecracker
Follow me to the fields, with the hammer and torch
In the stone, there the be, we must cast them all out
Mark my words; we are accursed by forces unseen
Marks within the corn
Children missing come the dawn
They shall learn to fear the name

Build a fire around each stone, till the night turns to day
Bring the water, throw it on, crack the stones where they lay
Mark my words, we are accursed, may reason prevail

Marks within the corn, children missing come the dawn
They shall learn to fear the name
Track Name: Midsummer
Night falls; these walls are leaking memories again
Open the vein, the blood of ages flooding in
I only came here seeking rest
A little time to sleep I fell

Too late I fear, and fear is sustenance down here
The son of man, caught in the nightmare once again
I only came here seeking rest
These hands that draw me deep into the Hollow hills

The hollow hills are opening
The hills are calling

(Breathe) can’t breathe!
The taste of earth is in my mouth
Buried alive I claw my way back to my World
I only came here seeking rest
Till morning comes and fever breaks the burning fire and I awake
Behold the sun!
Track Name: Hangmans Hyll
I saw a Raven fly, into the woods where we swore we would never return
And they will never die they’ve stolen the seed from the still hanging bodies of men
Now they are condemned
They walk on the other side, a dark bridge to the other side

And like a hurricane they broke through the door separating the living and dead
So here we are again, to witness the creatures that crawl through the old druid woods
And now that we know
Now they will never die again, dancing between the Worlds of pain
The howling winds of madness here (on Hangmans Hyll)
They walk on the other side, a dark bridge to the other side
And I saw a Raven fly, black wings on a blood red sky

Insane the laugh I hear, I feel them drawing near
Dancing between the worlds of pain
And when the hangman came they’d wait by the crossroads till moonlight had entered the world, and cut them down again

Something so hideous, in ritual dances and fiery trances they sway
And now it’s opening a doorway to death and return, but with madness the price
I told you to run
Now they will never die again, dancing between the worlds of pain
The howling winds of madness here
They walk on the other side, a dark bridge to the other side

And even their gods have turned away
They opened the door that should not be
Where we must never go again
And I saw a raven fly, black wings on a blood red sky
Burn the wood and all within
Yes burn the wood and all within
I feel the Winter crawling in
Track Name: We Control The Fear
Mister tell me, when I die, where will I go?
One hand pointed up above, the other down below
Is this the only choice we have? It’s all we’ve ever known
And we’re working hard to keep our love alive; yes we’re working hard to keep our blood alive...down here

He looked into my eyes and said, there’s something you should hear
The choices that we offer you are not as they appear
For us it’s all a game you see, so let me make it clear
Down here...we control the fear

And we’ll offer you confusion when you’re searching for the truth
We will tempt you with illusion thinly veiled as living proof
We understand the way you work, so let me make it clear

Have faith, be strong, prepare to meet with your maker
We’ll give you reasons to believe
The lie lives on, the seed in each generation
The time of harvest yet to come, we’re running from...the Fear

We are Masters of division, we are Princes of deceit
You will learn to love your prison, too terrified to leave
Kneel before the King of Terror, let me whisper in your ear
Down here...we control the Fear
Track Name: You People
Lucifer in Kevlar, rises high above the delta
Bearing light as phosphorescence, raining fire upon the peasants

You people

Moon reflected on the water, kissed his wife and sleeping daughter
He drives deep into the forest, to the pits where all the bodies
Lie in rows on one another, brother, sister, father, mother

You people

And when I try to understand, I taste the madness in your mind
No crime so great it can’t be hid, with fifteen tons of cold white lime
Cold white lime

You people

Shall we never hear the birds sing?
On the barbed wire in the morning
Behold the legacy of violence, now listen to the silence
Track Name: Prison
This ape has learned to dream, the monkey wrote a book
Of all the fear and promises of such a lesser God
Who fell to Earth it seems, to gaze on his reflection, in adoration for eternal War

No wall, no guard, no wire, no yard
We are the perfect prisoner

And all we need to do, remain asleep, don’t take a look behind the veil
The wheels are turning
Sometimes in my darker dreams, I catch a glimpse of something, a greater sense of menace grinning back at me

Sex, War, Science, Religion
Track Name: Sons of the Soil
Mud upon his shoes, your Father walks across the fields
Down into the valley where they wait
A Solitary Bell, the flowers and crowds that line this quiet English street
The way your Mother brushed aside her tears and raised her eyes up to the sky
The day they brought you home

A rifle cracks the sky at graveside
And I remember running through these streets
And I remember when we ruled the World
And every oath we swore in blood, the day they brought you home

When will we know such friends again?
Each passing year, each sad parade
The shadows lengthen in the villages we knew
One took the Sword, one took the soil
Sons of the Sword, Sons of the Soil
Track Name: The Lie
Prepare the flesh, another sacrifice is made
Bled for the hungry Overlord
And since this Earth began, we felt the rod upon our backs
Born to a World of suffering

Within the Law, thrown back upon the wheel
Sold the illusion once again
Trapped in illusion, your own reflection

Tell me the names, the keys that will unlock the Gate
We must escape the cage we’re in
We serve (the Lie) Protect (the Lie)

Each burning page, I feel a rage inside for all we could have been
The bitter taste, each year we wasted whilst we wallowed in disease
Each risen day that slips away from us like sand within the glass
And all we see is our reflection
Track Name: Our Day
As Prophecy is shown to fail, no man shall know the hour or the day the blade shall fall
Searching for some newer holy grail, we spent our lives in dream it seems to me, now we awake and see what we have done
Each broken generation falls, corruption reigns beyond these walls
Some day when these vile men are torn down, their throne destroyed
Our day will come

We all were born as free men, our birthright has been stolen
My brothers, my sisters, our victory shall be assured
Our day will come
All suffering will end when we manifest Love as the Law
Our day will come
Track Name: The Devil Knows His Own
Summer’s ended, steady falls the rain
I remember well, carving out a name
Across the ploughed wet fields ravens call again

Sun sets in the West, and I know the blood is strong
And I shall pass the test, and I shall right the wrong
And I will take your hand, and I shall walk you home
For the Devil knows his own, or so they say yes the devil knows his own

And some will live and some will die
And all we know beneath these skies
The seasons turn around, the roses fall upon the ground
And everything is everything again

I go down to the sea, I wash these sins away
I see you turn to me, and I clearly hear you say
That on the final day, we all stand alone
And the devil knows his own or so they say
Yeah the devil knows his own

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